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Showcased startups

Learn more about trailblazing startups building with Facebook technologies, showcased as part of F8 Refresh 2021:

Artificial Nerds

WhatsApp Business APIMessenger API

Artificial Nerds helps businesses improve their relationships with customers and create new sales channels through chat-bots, social-bots and voice-bots. They achieve this through their own natural language processing technology that comes to life through Messenger and WhatsApp.

Artificial Nerds has used Facebook technologies to automate more than 95% of messages received by their clients, raising their overall customer satisfaction by approximately 20%, and increasing sales conversion rates by 1-3% compared to traditional websites.

Artificial Nerds' platform ‘Mandamelo’ connects hundreds of thousands of small businesses in Mexico to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, making it possible for them to sell online as well as contribute to the local economy through jobs creation for their growing operations too


Messenger API

Botme is a chatbot building platform founded in 2017 and serving one of the fastest-growing conversational commerce markets in the world, Egypt - a country of 100 million people where communities and businesses widely use Facebook products like Messenger and WhatsApp.

Botme's offering enables merchants to open a ‘chat shop’ in just five easy steps, and their team is proud to help enhance access to economic opportunity across the Middle East and North Africa by enabling 10,000 businesses to reach out to millions of new and existing customers using Messenger experiences created on their platform.


Hong Kong
Facebook Live, Facebook Business Extension (FBE) , Marketing API

Boutir is an ecommerce 'store-builder' that has helped connect over 2,500 small businesses with marketing solutions since launching Facebook Business Extension (FBE) within their mobile app in 2020.

In addition to helping other businesses maximize their marketing through FBE, the Boutir app also helps these companies to place advertisements and gather insights through the Facebook Pixel.


FB SDK/Pixel, Ads Platform , WhatsApp Business API

BukuWarung, a company committed to digitizing small businesses in Indonesia, has been using Facebook’s suite of products to connect with the 5.5 million+ users on its platform.

Owing to the deep penetration of WhatsApp in Indonesia, BukuWarung uses WhatsApp as its primary support channel, and also to enable merchants to send payment reminders and links to their customers. In Q4 2020, BukuWarung also launched Tokoko, to enable micro merchants in Indonesia to sell their products to customers directly through WhatsApp.

BukuWarung’s growth journey in Indonesia has additionally been supported by Facebook’s advertising suite. Through a combination of video and static ad formats, Facebook advertising has supported a significant 31% lift in conversions.


Messenger API, AI

Chatopera provides customer service and chat-bot solutions for gaming companies in China, helping them connect and engage with global audiences.

Integrating Facebook technologies helped expand Chatopera's distribution, with clients reporting increased fan page subscription growth rates after deploying Messenger.

Facilitating conversational experiences around gaming using Messenger has also helped Chatopera increase interactivity and retention within communities.


Messenger API

Cloudia is an AI-powered chatbot which automates communications between patients and healthcare businesses, particularly for safe and secure appointment bookings.

Integrating with Messenger and WhatsApp APIs has enabled robust communication channels for Cloudia's operations, helping facilitate customer service for more than 4.5 million users across Brazil, while supporting the scheduling of over 1 million medical appointments.


Events API, Conversions API, Facebook Reality Labs

Fever is a leading events discovery platform that helps over 40 million people each month discover and enjoy experiences in their cities. Fever's technology also helps organizers, promoters, and brands create unique and original experiences.

Fever was looking for immersive new formats, and to drive awareness and engagement for the events they curate.

Fever has recently been running 'Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience' - a 360-degree digital art edu-tainment experience, which invites visitors to step into more than 300 of Van Gogh’s sketches, drawings, and paintings by using floor-to-ceiling large-scale digital projections.

To take the event to the next level, Fever also developed a separate, one-of-a-kind VR experience, powered by Facebook's Oculus technology.

So far, the experience has sold over 1.2 million tickets in the US with plans to extend globally.

In addition to deploying Oculus through Facebook Reality Labs, Fever leverages a range of Facebook technologies to bring their event experiences to market, including advertising solutions, Events API, Conversions API, Facebook Analytics and more.


Messenger API, WhatsApp API is a platform that decentralizes commerce over social media and messaging - think, taking shops to the shoppers and not the other way around

Facebook technologies play an important role in facilitating these experiences, including supporting posts, stories, live streaming and more; helping Jumper give brands the power to be present where their customers are spending most of their time.

Jumper reports seeing strong results in both return on advertising spend and conversations at scale, leading to sales conversions as high as 58% and an average of 20-35% depending on the products being sold.


Spark AR

Kivisense helps businesses drive interactive augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D engagement, with tracking APIs available through their authoring platform, Kivicube.

When providing advertising solutions for brands, Kivisense does this through the lens of immersive brand awareness via AR engagement - with the goal of supporting traffic, engagement and sales conversions.

Kivisense leverages AI-powered tracking, supported by PyTorch, which integrates with its WebAR solution to help brands serve product ‘try-ons’ (for example, sunglasses or bags), while also offering advertising solutions.


WhatsApp Business API, Messenger API

OmniChat brings people and companies closer together through their mission of humanizing online shopping via conversational commerce.

In 2020, 89% of OmniChat services were run via the WhatsApp Business API, serving more than 7.2m people, while a further 8% of the company's services were facilitated by Messenger.

Throughout the pandemic, OmniChat has been connecting Brazilian consumers with merchants and services in remote yet personal ways, responding to new consumer behaviors and accelerating the online shopping experience.


Messenger API

Leveraging Facebook APIs, Paloma has been able to turn Messenger into the highest converting sales channel that its client brands can leverage online.

With the automated, personalized shopping conversations that Paloma facilitates, e-commerce businesses can scale selling directly to customers in a way that better educates and curates. As a result, Paloma reports seeing 2–10x higher conversion rates than their websites, with acquisition costs often reduced by half.

Click-to-Messenger Ads have also helped Paloma's brand partners scale these conversational opportunities, accounting for as much as 40% of their total advertising spend.


WhatsApp Business API

Qiscus's core value proposition is to enable businesses to centralize all interactions with customers through chat channels such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Primarily focused on the Indonesian market, Qiscus attributes its integration with Facebook products as an important contributor to their growth.

The combined solutions have helped make customer interactions more productive and scalable, increasing conversion rates and even improving revenue potential due to reductions in cart abandonment.


WhatsApp Business API

Riseup is a fintech startup that launched a Facebook group in June 2020 for its customers, as well as other audiences seeking to join conversations around money and making good financial decisions. The group has grown rapidly, with thousands of members and over 50% engagement every month.

Within the Facebook group, Riseup's customers debate together about their cash flows, and encourage each other to get out of debt and to start saving.

Since the beginning of 2021, Riseup launched several financial challenges within the community, with super-users leading challenges (for example, a lunchbox challenge to never eat out for lunch during a whole month). Riseup credits such challenges with having real potential to move the needle for customers financially, while being highly engaging for the broader community.


Messenger API

Snaps is a conversational AI platform that integrateds Facebook products to enable the businesses it serves to forge deeper relationships with their customers through 1:1 messaging and more seamless online shopping experiences.

As an example, Snaps supported TechStyle with implementing automated order status updates on Messenger that proactively alert customers with relevant order and shipping updates as they happen, improving engagement significantly over email.

Additionally, Snaps deployed an NLP-powered assistant to help customers look up their order status on their own via an automated experience on Messenger, which further encouraged self-service resolution.


Ads Platform

Spirable’s creative performance platform is setting out to transform the way brands and agencies connect with people.

As an example, Snaps supported TechStyle with implementing automated order status updates on Messenger that proactively alert customers with relevant order and shipping updates as they happen, improving engagement significantly over email.

Spirable's mission is to reimagine traditional ad formats and socialize the ads experience - aligning more closely to relevant, exciting and useful content that a user might expect to see from a friend rather than a brand.

By connecting with the Facebook Marketing API, Spirable’s self-serve platform enables marketers to easily create, automate, distribute and optimize personalized video ads—in efficient and cost effective ways.

Spirable taps into numerous live and contextual data triggers such as weather, live sports scores, live odds and location, to dynamically tailor the creative to the audience in a privacy compliant way. Facebook technologies enable this at scale across multiple placements, in near real-time. The result is a reduction in the time and complexity associated with producing relevant creative across channels and formats by as much as 75% (Performics for Oreo), and increasing ROI up to 10X (Heineken Flywheel campaign) through highly reactive and relevant advertising that grabs attention.


Login API, Graph API

TRIBE’s influencer marketing platform has helped more than 6,000 marketers fuel their social ads via the production of one million pieces of branded content from a network of over 50,000 creators. TRIBE leverages the Facebook and Instagram ecosystem to facilitate 20-30,000 branded content partnerships each year.

Creators authenticate to the TRIBE Creator app using Facebook Login. Leveraging Facebook & Instagram’s Graph APIs, TRIBE also programmatically recommends creators submit to campaigns most relevant to them (based on account attributes, posting history, audience alignment and other first party data.

With Facebook’s support, Tribe has provided creators with education and over $24 million in earnings they may not have received otherwise. Equally, its solution has delivered brands of all sizes the creative assets to reach their business goals.


South Africa
WhatsApp Business API

Turn is a social enterprise that makes it easy to build, improve and scale social impact programs that use chat to improve lives.

Turn leverages the WhatsApp Business API, which helps us support personal, guided conversations that improve lives at scale.

Turn says that building on WhatsApp gives them the flexibility to integrate automated responses and use natural language processing to triage the most critical conversations for human operators, securely and privately. It also enables them to tap into evidence-based insights to guide conversations towards key behaviors

With WhatsApp, Turn is able to help the organizations it supports set goals and track the impact of their conversations with millions of users in real time.

V Rich App

Messenger, Facebook Live, Graph API

VRich App offers a live-stream commerce solution that provides an innovative use-case of Facebook Live with Messenger, aimed at revolutionizing online shopping experiences.

VRich App implements Facebook Live, the Facebook Messaging API and the Facebook Graph API, and helps sellers, especially small businesses, to increase their operational efficiency by enabling active sales conversions within their promotional activity. It also provides an opportunity for forward-thinking content creators to partner with brands on immersive promotional activity.

VRich App implements Facebook Live, the Facebook Messaging API and the Facebook Graph API, and helps sellers, especially small businesses, to increase their operational efficiency by enabling active sales conversions within their promotional activity. It also provides an opportunity for forward-thinking content creators to partner with brands on immersive promotional activity.


Messenger API

Zowie is becoming known as a 'brain' that powers immediate customer service automation using the Messenger API. Its self-learning AI solution absorbs insights and behaviors, learns from them, and provides automation for businesses.

Zowie plugs into existing techstacks in minutes and automates more than 30% of customer service traffic within 24 hours.

Zowie plugs into existing techstacks in minutes and automates more than 30% of customer service traffic within 24 hours.