Startup Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Facebook is committed to supporting the global startup community during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) public health crisis.

Startup Resources to Help Scale Response to COVID-19

Businesses around the world are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19, and we are here to help. The Facebook for Startups team has curated a list of resources, both developed by Facebook and from trusted sources, specifically for startups.

Economic Downturn

For startups, the challenges posed by the COVID crisis and the subsequent economic downturn will likely have long-lasting effects, and require rethinking business models, customer relationships, market channels, as well as resourcing and staffing models. Below are tools to help businesses assess their ability to adapt and stay resilient to changing external factors.

Social Distancing

The transition to remote work has created a number of new challenges for both companies and professionals alike. This includes maintaining team connectedness and engagement, sharing information, tracking projects and milestones, and keeping up morale. Facebook employees are facing similar challenges and have developed resources to support individuals and teams during this time.


The mental and emotional effects related to COVID-19 are still being studied by the WHO and other organizations, but it is clear that many are feeling stress and anxiety under these new conditions. As the CDC states, everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, and it’s completely normal to have those feelings of stress and anxiety given the current climate. Facebook has considered the wide-ranging implications of COVID-19 and wants to connect our partners to helpful resources that address mental and emotional stress. We encourage startups to also explore financial packages and support from your local governments.

Facebook has a unique role to play —through friendships on the site— in connecting people in distress with people who can offer support. Whether you’re worried about someone you know or you're struggling on your own, we hope Facebook can help through our recommended crisis hotlines.

Our Community

We are proud to highlight inspiring stories of startups in our global community that are making a positive impact in response to COVID-19. Read more about alumni from our startup programs who have adapted their business strategies to navigate new business challenges.

Startup Program Partners

The following Facebook startup program alumni have been identified as startups that are actively supporting COVID-19 response efforts. If you’re a startup that is interested in connecting with one of our partners or want to learn more, please direct message us at Facebook for Startups.





Collective Benefits



Hacker Hostel



Make Me Healthy










Partner Story

“Accelerator Singapore helped us solidify our business foundations, enabling us to work in agile, user design-centric ways. We quickly grew our team’s capabilities, expanded our knowledge of Messenger-run products, and fast-tracked the launch of our digital health services to benefit those in need. This was doubly urgent given the circumstances brought about by COVID-19.”

-Edward Booty, Founder and CEO of reach52

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