Re-engage with consumers cross-device through the things they save on Facebook.
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Great Web Content, One Place
The Save button lets people save items or services to a private list on Facebook, share it with friends, and receive relevant notifications. For example, a person can save an item of clothing, trip, or link that they're thinking about and go back to that list for future consumption, or get notified when that item or trip has a promotional deal.
Save to a Single Place Across Devices
People may discover and land on your content via their phone, desktop, or tablet device. For a variety of reasons, they may not be ready to take immediate action, like making a purchase or reading/watching your content.

They may not have their credit card handy, they may want to do more research, or they may just need more time. With the Save button, these people can save what interests them to a private list in one place within Facebook that they can easily reference later.
Re-engagement With Notifications
After people have saved something to their private list, they may receive notifications about your content, product or item with timely and relevant information. It could be an update, a change in price, or a burst of social media activity surrounding a post to bring people back to the saved item or content.
Share Saves With Friends
Now that people have their own curated list of interesting items and content saved to Facebook, they can choose to share specific items on their list with friends.
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