App Invites

Let people share apps they love directly with their friends.
With the release of the Facebook SDK version 4.28.0, App Invites is deprecated. It will be supported until February 5, 2018.
Grow your app organically
36% of all apps that people discover are via word-of-mouth recommendations from family or friends.
Word-of-mouth is a primary driver of organic installs on mobile. App invites combines this powerful means of app discovery with the social context we provide to grow your audience organically. These personalized App Invites appear in a new install channel and do not publish to Timeline or New Feeds.
Drive People to Your App
Our beta partners are seeing install rates over 5% and our efforts to optimize this product will continue to increase this rate.
Drive app installs with rich social context and high-quality push notifications. Our ranking model show the sender a recommended list of their friends which helps ensure that invites to go the people most likely to install your app.
People invited to an app will receive a push notification and a notification in the Facebook app with a link to download your app directly on their mobile device.
Personalize Invites with Rich Features
App Invites sent with a personalized message convert more than 2x the rate of the App Invites without one.
App Invites support a personalized message from the sender and an image you can customize on a per-invite basis to showcase your app. For example, photo apps can include user-generated photos, shopping apps can use product images, and gaming apps can send screenshots of actual gameplay. You can also include a coupon code to incentivize installs.