Sharing on Facebook

Improve your apps, drive growth, and increase engagement with our powerful sharing integrations.

Mobile Share Dialogs

Your mobile apps have great content. Share Dialogs are the easiest way to bring that content into Facebook with a quick and simple flow that doesn't require your users to log in.


Social Plugins

Bring engaging social interactions and sharing to your website with the Like and Share buttons.

Highlight relevant Facebook content alongside your own with Embedded Posts.

Social Plugins

Custom Stories

Enable your users to tell rich, engaging stories when they do specific things in your app like listen to a song, read a book, or set a new fitness record.

Deep integrations make your app stand out in Facebook's News Feed for better distribution and engagement.


RunKeeper sprints ahead with Custom Stories

RunKeeper enables millions of people to share their unique fitness journey on Facebook with Custom Stories. These stories highlight personal goals and accomplishments with rich content like maps, performance stats, and images specific to each activity. People cheer their friends on, track their progress, and start their own fitness journeys after seeing the stories in News Feed and Timeline.