Sharing on Facebook from Apps & Websites

Make it simple and easy for people to express themselves through sharing.
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Share to Facebook
Make it quick and simple for people to share content from your app or site with rich expression,
and for people to recommend your apps to their friends
Quote Sharing: Share the Best Parts
Enable easy sharing of key snippets from any website or app. Developers can identify those most shareable moments or let people pick their own.
Hashtag Sharing: Start a Conversation
Give people the power to come together around topics that interest them.
Sharing Insights: Make Smarter Decisions with Data
Explore deep sharing insights and see how people engage with your links on Facebook so you can optimize your content to be as engaging as possible.
Sharing Debugger: Share Better
Easily view and manage how your content looks when it's shared anywhere on Facebook.
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Send Via Messenger
Let people directly send content to one or more friends on Messenger with a simple Messenger branded button, or launch the Messenger app's composer with your own button.
App Invites: Promote Through Connections
Let people send direct, personal invites to their friends to download your app on their phone.
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