A Messenger Developer tutorial explores a single feature from A to Z in order to fully implement this feature within your bot framework. These tutorials come with the working code so you can copy / paste and then customize to your liking. For questions, visit us over on the Messenger Developer Community Page.

Messenger Customer Chat Plugin Tutorial

Building a seamless chat experience across web and mobile surfaces while maintaining context can be challenging. The customer chat plugin […]

Setting Up The Welcome Screen

The welcome screen of your Messenger experience is often the first thing people see. It displays the name, the profile […]

How to Get Started with Built-in NLP

When designing your bot’s conversational flow, a key consideration is whether to use natural language processing (NLP). NLP allows for […]

Adding Live Chat via the Page Inbox with the Handover Protocol

One of the most powerful uses of the Messenger Platform’s Handover Protocol is its ability to pass control of a […]