Instagram Messaging API

Instagram offers personal connection at every phase of the customer journey.

The Messenger API for Instagram enables brands to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel. Integrating with existing tools and data, the Messenger API for Instagram makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier--helping to turn conversations into business outcomes.

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Messenger API for Instagram puts messaging to work

Simplified technical needs

Seamlessly connects to existing tools and databases, enabling a holistic view of customer engagement.

More efficient workflows

Streamlines workflows—allowing brands to respond to significantly higher volumes of messages in less time.​

Elevated customer experience

Enhance the customer experience with robust messaging features, automation support and a consistent, ongoing conversation thread.​

Customer Care

Meet customers and resolve inquiries at scale on Instagram without redirecting to another channel


Combine the best parts of shopping in-store with the convenience of shopping online


Send marketing messages at scale to increase sales, loyalty and engagement across the journey

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Boosting qualified sales leads with Messenger API for Instagram

When Kiehl’s Malaysia began receiving more Instagram direct messages, it found that keeping up with conversations from customers interested in purchasing products was challenging – the brand needed a better way to qualify leads and respond to customers quickly. To do this, Kiehl’s partnered with automation expert to build and launch an automated experience for Messenger and to streamline its Instagram direct messages by implementing Messenger API for Instagram. With these solutions, Kiehl’s Malaysia saw a 30% increase in qualified sales leads and 3X more incremental sales in just two months.


more qualified leads compared to other channel


conversion rate from consultation to sales

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