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Gain a competitive edge for your business through marketing automation
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Scale your marketing through automation
Facebook Marketing API empowers you to build marketing solutions that increase performance & drive workflow efficiencies within the ads management process. Whether you're a sophisticated marketing developer or just getting started with automation, Facebook Marketing API has powerful functionality that your business can harness. Check out the Ads App Wizard for step by step guidance if you're getting started or want to easily adopt new features.
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Ads Creation & Management
Drive workflow efficiency and build functionality that goes beyond manual ads management. Seamlessly create multiple ad templates at once to test different creative, bidding, or tagging strategies using our new AdCopy API & Batch API.
Dynamic Creative
Find the most effective creative for your target audience by automatically creating different permutations, and keep things fresh by implementing creative rotation.
Easily create audience segments by integrating your CRM system with our API. Use first party data layered with Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities to retarget existing customers and reach new ones.
Manage and optimize ads in real time using rules-based ads management. Set up your own custom rules and notifications to start and stop ads, adjust bids and even reallocate spend at different thresholds. With new scheduled and trigger-based rules, Facebook's automated rules engine makes automating optimization and ads management easier than ever.
Identify which creative, targeting, and bidding combinations work best. Build dashboards to compare the performance of Facebook ads with ads on other advertising channels. And now, with Facebook Ads Manager for Excel, you can aggregate and visualize campaign performance data in Excel without any API development.
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