Instagram Platform Case Study


This digital marketing tool utilizes Instagram’s Insights API to help its customers see metrics based on the characteristics of the accounts that follow and interact with their brand.

Implement the Insights API



Metricool is an online tool that helps manage, measure, and analyze social media and advertising platforms. It was launched in 2016 by two software developers with a broad knowledge of digital marketing, with the idea of providing all types of users with insightful information about their performance and impact on social media, from marketing professionals to small local businesses.

Metricool has a presence in over 110 countries across the world and has been rapidly growing since then thanks to the support of more than 500k users who have put their trust in its product. Its secret to success relies on a deep understanding of customers' needs and the continual implementation of new upgrades and addition of new features to make sure those needs are met.

Analyze and Grow Through Data

Metricool provides its users analytics tools to help them dive into the data and see what type of accounts are interacting with their content, to plan ways to grow their brand, and to analyze how their competitors are performing. These metrics help them understand whether their social media strategies are working and which areas need adjustments.


users analyze and gain a better understanding of their performance on social media


premium subscribers with access to professional and custom reports with all the metrics in one click


Average monthly growth rate

I have been a social media manager for five years now, and we have worked with as many as 36 clients, all with a very lean team.We have literally tried every single software, tool, tip, and trick on the market. With so many posts and platforms, I have to make sure that every single thing we do in our business is maximized for efficiency. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for my team to get the job done well.I discovered Metricool, a service that is literally changing the game for social media managers and business owners.

Rachel Pettersen

Social Media Manager


Using Insights to stay informed

Metricool wanted to create a tool that would help brands review their metrics in an easy manner and have them always accessible and in the same place. With those metrics in mind, brands can deliver content their audience wants to see and discover which strategies bring better results.


Analytics, planning and comments management

Analytics by Metricool enhances users’ ability to stay informed about their metrics. With Metricool, brands are able to see advanced analytics for Instagram beyond simply followers, comments, and likes, and they are able to understand what type of content their audience is responding to best all in visual and interactive graphs.

Plus, Metricool offers specific data for more in-depth understanding such as how many followers they gain both per day and per post, how many clicks they get on their bios, and a table with the main metrics related to each of their posts and stories that users can easily sort by the information they care most about.

Brands can also get a grasp on from what regions of the world users are interacting with their posts the most, the predominant gender of their audience, and users from which age ranges are viewing their content.

Metricool can even advise brands on ideal times to post based on past data and offers downloadable and custom reports for premium accounts in just a few clicks. This type of information can help brands make informed decisions as the brand grows!


Insights API

The Insights API allows you to get social interaction metrics for IG Users and their IG Media objects. Amounts for each metric are calculated upon API request.

Determining the impressions, reach and engagement insights of your posts
Understanding your audience distribution by age, country, city, etc.
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