Instagram Platform Case Study


Hivency utilizes Instagram’s Business Discovery API for their influencer management tool to help brands find creators and build meaningful collaborations with them. The platform specializes in micro and nano influencer marketing (audience between 1k and 100k followers).

Implement the Business Discovery API


Finding the Right Influencer

Hivency offers a suite of influencer tools to help brands connect to the right creators. With the growing presence of the creator community on instagram, Hivency helps brands identify which creators are the best to partner with for their campaigns thanks to accurate data and historical user data.

350,000+ creators

showcased on Hivency, providing a large variety of creator profiles to match brands’ needs

We used to struggle to find micro influencers that matched our target audience, with Hivency and Fame Check, we now have a clearer view on what their audience looks like.

Perryn McLeod

Sweet P Weddings, @sweet_p_weddings


Working with the best creators

When it comes to working with creators, brands want to make sure they partner with reliable and trustworthy content creators. They wish to find profiles that match their brand universe to ensure that the creators’ audience matches their expectations.


Fame Check

Fame Check by Hivency, which utilizes Instagram’s Business Discovery API, offers a way for Hivency to pull in metadata from Instagram Creator and Business accounts. Hivency leverages this by providing brands a pool of creators to collaborate with.

The Fame Check tool gives brands a more trusted experience about which creators they collaborate with. Brands are able to get a clear grasp of the type of engagement creators have across their posts.

Brands are also able to use the Find Influencers feature to search for creators who identify perfectly with their brand. This coupled with Hivency’s smart matching and campaign management tool makes Hivency a strong tool to meet influencer marketing needs.


Business Discovery API

The Business Discovery API is a subset of Instagram Graph API endpoints that allow you to get basic metadata and metrics about other Instagram Business and Creator Accounts.

Viewing basic data on business accounts such as username, post and follower account, and post media
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