Instagram Platform Case Study


Flick, an all-in-one Instagram hashtag tool, utilizes Instagram’s Hashtag Search API to help its customers uncover the best hashtags to use on their posts and highlight key hashtag metrics. The platform also helps customers store hashtags in an easy-to-use manner and provide insights into which hashtags they should continue to, or stop using.

Implement the Hashtag Search API


Take the guesswork out of hashtags.

Flick provides a best-in-class method for identifying highly relevant hashtags to help its customers grow their online community in a purely organic way. Hashtags are a major part of Instagram and they help users find new content from brands, creators, and individuals they have yet to discover. With the help of Flick, anyone is able to get their content in front of more of the right people.

11,000+ active users

Flick’s users have utilized the tool to enhance their posts with highly-relevant hashtags

2M+ hashtags searched

Flick’s users are able to search numerous hashtags in a matter of minutes, so they can spend more time creating high-quality content

Flick allows my team and I to isolate the most relevant hashtags to obtain the most reach on our posts. Our clients love the results and we love how much time this app saves us. Game. Changer.

Flick Customer


Improve how you utilize hashtags

Flick saw that a lot of Instagram users struggled to decide which hashtags would have the biggest impact on their content, and the process in finding and managing different sets of hashtags was laborious.



Flick, which utilizes Instagram’s Hashtag Search API, allows its customers to find the best hashtags for their content by analyzing hashtags in different niches.

With the use of Flick’s hashtag tool, their customers are able to grow their audience, as Instagram users find them through the hashtags that they follow. Flick also suggests ideal hashtags that a brand should incorporate into their posts and highlights hashtags that users might want to stay away from at the moment.

Sidestep writer’s block with color-coded content plans customized to your business type, personalized post inspiration and mad-lib style caption templates - everything you need to keep you posting.

Flick is also a great tool for seeing the metrics behind a hashtag. With the help of Flick, customers can identify which hashtags might work best for their account’s size and engagement levels.

The Hashtag Search API helps Flick empower its brands by removing the guesswork for finding the best hashtags for their audience by analyzing the number of posts under a hashtag and the hashtag relevancy of the hashtags connected to their content.


Hashtag Search API

The Hashtag Search API allows you to find public photos and videos that have been tagged with specific hashtags.

Running campaigns and contests based on hashtags
Analyzing sentiments around a brand based on hashtags
Sourcing and requesting approval for user-generated content
Giving support to users who post under hashtags
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