Instagram Platform Case Study


This influencer marketing platform and collaborative commerce network utilizes Instagram’s Mentions API to help its users keep track of influencers interacting with their brand. Over 26,000 brands are using Carro to better track the results of their influencer marketing.

Implement the Mentions API


Discovering authentic influencers

Carro enables their users to keep track of how influencers are interacting with their brand. Brands often get mentions on posts across Instagram, and it can be hard to keep track of content. With the help of Carro, brands can stay up to date on what is being said and they can easily reply to their mentions. They can also use these valuable insights to power their influencer marketing campaigns.

1.8 million

mentions have been detected by Carro

26,000 brands

have leverage these mentions into valuable influencer partnerships with authentic influencers who genuinely love their brand

Carro brings marketing amplification to the surface and makes seeding and sampling seamless. Within a week or two, we have identified over 1,000 influencers in our database, shipped over 30 sample kits, had 10 mentions, and sent hundreds of invites automatically to influential fans that have purchased - with very part-time resources applied to the effort. Game changer!

Jeff, CEO Durham Brands


Track every influencer’s mentions of your brand

The Carro team saw that as brands grow, it becomes harder to keep track of increased mentions across Instagram. Each mention of your brand online is a valuable asset that shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. Influencers help move the needle when trying to gain awareness for your brand, and Carro wants to make sure no influencer goes unnoticed.



Mentions by Carro, which utilizes the Instagram Mentions API, offers a way for brands to stay on top of what their influencers and audience are saying about them.

Carro lets brands see any posts that they have been mentioned in. If a brand gets mentioned in a photo, video, or carousel post, the brand gets notified and can strategically respond back or even share the post to their story.

Each mention of their brand is an opportunity to collaborate with that influencer or audience member to drive results. Whether it’s shipping a product sample out or creating a live stream together, Carro makes sure brands never miss an opportunity to work with the most important members of their audience. Brands can easily incorporate user-generated content by sharing it to their stores and can spread the word about creators who love and support their brand.

With Carro you’ll never miss who's talking and interacting with your brand!


Mentions API

The Mentions API is a subset of Instagram Graph API endpoints and Webhooks. They allow you to identify captions, comments, and media in which an Instagram Business or Creator Account's alias has been tagged or @mentioned.

Replying to @mentions left on another Instagram users post
Analyzing where and how your audience is interacting with your business
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