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Reach millions of players by joining - the largest web gaming platform in the world.
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Facebook-Connected Mobile Games
The same great set of tools for games on are available on iOS and Android. Reach your audience wherever they are to drive discovery, engagement and monetization.
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Built-in Turnkey Monetization
Bring the most engaging and immersive form of storytelling directly to your website or blog.
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Drive Active Engagement and Revenue with In-Game Gifting
Gifting in games presents a huge opportunity for you to grow your audience and increase your revenue. Letting your players purchase premium gifts for other players is a powerful way to increase engagement and retention and grow your revenue. Players can choose the gifts they want to send and say thanks to people who give them gifts.
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Connect to Players with Login
Tap into Facebook's rich social graph by implementing Login. Login lets you personalize in-game experiences, re-engage lapsed players, and increase adoption through stories published to News Feed.
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Drive Installs and Re-engagement to Your App
Reach people at scale and increase adoption where people are most engaged - on Run ads in News Feed and in the right-hand column of the site.
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Game Requests Allow Players to Connect to One Another
Facebook's gaming platform is an inherently social experience. Developers can tap into this experience through Game Requests that allow for personal, one-to-one communication between players.
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