Best Practices for Games

Discover tried and tested best practices for building and running games on Facebook and on Mobile.
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Best Practice Guides
Canvas Best Practices
Best practices for building and running a game on
Cross-Platform Guides
Best practices for taking your game to multiple platforms.
Mobile Best Practices
Leverage Facebook's social technology when building a native mobile game
Cross-Promoting Games
Tips for successfully cross-promoting multiple titles.
Platform Guides
Every month, the Facebook Gaming team focuses on a different subject and shares best practices, showcases and products to help gaming developers improve their games in categories such as user acquisition, player engagement and retention, monetization, etc.
Games Advertising Guides
Facebook Ads make it easy to promote your games, so you can find new players and keep them engaged. Learn how to find, retain, engage and monetize the right players with these best practices guides from our Global Marketing Solutions team.
101 Introduction to Full Funnel Marketing
Sustained strategies for scaling mobile games with Facebook Advertising
105 Campaign Setup Best Practices
Ad account structure and campaign setup
102 The Facebook Auction
Background for gaming clients
106 Acquisition and optimization
Bidding and scaling strategies
103 Targeting Essentials
Background for gaming clients
107 Creative on Facebook for gaming
Driving discovery with relevant ads
104 App Events and Facebook Analytics
Measurement basics for games
201 Nested Lookalikes
A strategy for Facebook mobile app ads targeting
205 Facebook Marketing Partners
Scaling your business through trusted partnerships
202 Creative testing framework
Why creative testing matters and how to test
206 Marketing APIs
Advertising automation on Facebook
203 Interest targeting playbook for gaming
Reach the people who matter to you
207 Engagement ads and funnel analysis
Keep and protect your player base
208 Engagement Overview
Summary of engagement and funnel analysis
301 Custom Audiences from your app
Using App Events as the foundation for advanced targeting