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Create cross-platform social games

Attract more engaged players with games that work on the web, in mobile apps and with every device.

Turn players into payers

Easily accept international payments in your apps or games.

Facebook Payments simplifies the purchase experience for users, improves conversion rates and makes it easier for developers to price virtual goods for a global audience.

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Facebook SDK for Unity

The cross-platform Facebook SDK for Unity helps you integrate your Unity game with Facebook quickly and easily. Whether you're building on iOS, Android, web, or all three, the SDK lets you continue to write in C# and provide social game experiences to all your players, regardless of the platform they play on.

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Candy Crush Saga goes cross-platform, sweetens their appeal

Candy Crush Saga keeps people playing by using Facebook Login and mobile SDKs, which make it easy to start a game on one platform and then continue it on another. Prizes and milestones shared through Custom Stories encourage friends to compare progress and help each other earn more sugary goodness.

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