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You've worked hard to develop your app and get users. Now, we want to help your performance soar. Audience Network gives you a powerful way to make more money and grow your business with Facebook ads while you keep users engaged.
How Audience Network Helps You Monetize Your App
Facebook Targeting Based on Real People

Show highly targeted ads that match the interests of your users
Better Ads, Better User Experience

Native ads that fit your app make for a great experience
More Money for You

Earn more revenue when your users engage with ads
“Audience Network has delivered phenomenal performance for us. It’s already a top performing ad network, driving a 37% increase in our revenue from ad networks. The targeting means the ads are more relevant to our users, and the diversity and quality of advertisers is top notch.”
- Rhiannon White, Director, Product Management, Shazam
increase in revenue after integrating Audience Network
Flexible, High-Performing Formats
Drive better performance with ads people want to see. With Audience Network, you can deliver compelling ads to your users. You choose how they look and where they appear in the user flow.

Ads that you design to fit your app, seamlessly.

Full-screen ads that capture attention and become part of the experience.

Traditional formats in a variety of placements.
In-Stream Video

Show ad content during a video for high revenue potential.
Go Live in 5 Easy Steps
It's easy to integrate Audience Network with your app. In just a few steps, you're on your way to earning more money with ads that engage your users.
Configure Your App on Facebook
Create Ad Space and Ad Placements
Test Audience Network Ads in Your App

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