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“Audience Network is the top performer among our ad network partnerships. The fill rate is more than 30% better than average, CPM is 40% better than average and overall revenue is almost double the next ad network in our app. The revenue from Audience Network allows us to cut down on the number of ads being shown in Lucktastic while still keeping us ahead of monthly revenue goals.” — Daniel H. Kim, VP, Revenue and Partnerships, Jump Ramp Games

Clean Master

"By implementing native ads with Facebook’s Audience Network we’ve been able to create a phenomenal user experience for our 395M global users and have seen more than 2 times the CPMs when compared to other ad networks. The Audience Network has been one of the key catalysts for our mobile revenue growth and remains a fundamental pillar of our future mobile strategy. It truly has proven to be one of the most valuable business relationships for Cheetah Mobile thus far.” — Sheng Fu, CEO of Cheetah Mobile Inc.

Trivia Crack

"Our experience working with the Audience Network has been incredibly satisfying. With global advertiser reach powered by Facebook, the Audience Network enabled us to monetize at scale in 26 countries with best in class fill rates and CPMs. Because many top global brands advertise through Facebook, our ads are able to align with our localized content in each country.” — Simón Selva, COO, Etermax

News Republic

"As a global business and premium media application, our primary concern is ensuring our ads don’t disrupt the look and feel of the user experience. By offering advanced targeting and the ability to easily manage and serve in-feed, customizable native ad units, the Audience Network has enabled us to improve the quality of ads shown to our users and doubled our eCPM.” — Sébastien Sagols, VP Media Sales, News Republic


“The Audience Network has delivered phenomenal performance for us. It’s already a top performing ad network, driving a 37% increase in our revenue from ad networks. The targeting means the ads are more relevant to our users, and the diversity and quality of advertisers is top notch." — Rhiannon White, Director, Product Management

Diamond Dash

“The Audience Network is performing 10x better in Asia and Latin America than any of the other ad networks we work with. The Audience Network is a simple but elegant addition to the already implemented Facebook SDK. It enables us to show ads not only to users in the US and Europe, but also in markets where it is usually hard to find advertising volume.” — Sebastian Kriese, Corporate Development Manager at Wooga

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

"We've seen CPMs that are 2X or better with Facebook’s Audience Network compared to other top ad networks, and Facebook is now receiving the first ad call. At the same time, we feel that Facebook’s accurate targeting and top tier brands make for a best-in-class user experience for our app’s users. We end up being able to show our users less ads, because with the Audience Network we can show the right ads to the right people.” — Chris Akhavan, President of Publishing at Glu Mobile

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