Facebook App Ads

Powerful set of solutions designed to help you grow your app business, from driving installs, to encouraging repeat in-app actions, to finding high paying users.

Example of an App Ad on Facebook
Find customers with Facebook for Developers


Find customers more likely to take action once they've installed your app.

Extend your reach with Facebook for Developers.


Extend your reach through Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Get insights and measure your campaigns with Facebook for Developers


Measure the result of your campaigns and uncover insights into how to make them more efficient.

Example of an install App Ad from Facebook

Install Ads

The first step to growing a valuable app business is by getting people to install your app. Run an app install ad campaign to achieve your business goal related to driving installs, in-app actions or return on ad spend.

Example of an engagement App Ad from Facebook

Engagement Ads

Once you grow your customer base, increase retention and lifetime value with app engagement ads. Run a traffic or conversion campaign to drive repeat conversions from engaged customers, or to re-engage inactive users.

Atari Success Story

Players acquired on Facebook
Overall return on ad spend

Leveraging app event optimization has been one of the main driving forces in achieving a 2X return on ad spend in a short time frame and has given us more predictable results.

-Tony Chien, Senior Director of Marketing, Atari

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