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Facebook Analytics allows you to measure, understand, and optimize the interactions people have with your business across both devices and channels to help drive meaningful growth. With over 2 billion people on Facebook, our analytics solution provides rich, unique audience insights, powerful reports like conversion funnels and retention curves, and automated insights.
It's all free - and you don't need to use Facebook Login.
Build better experiences
Get a deep understanding of your audience to build more engaging experiences. Measure their behavior across both devices and channels, including your app and website, to optimize conversion and retention.
Get valuable insights, automatically
Save time and get more from your analytics with automated insights. Facebook Analytics surfaces valuable data and trends to help you focus your efforts and keep your business moving forward.
Re-engage and grow your audience
Easily reach and engage your audience with free, customizable push and in-app notification campaigns based on the actions people take in your app. Grow your audience by using “lookalikes” to find people similar to your most valuable customers, and define custom audiences for Facebook ad campaigns. See more features.
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