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App Install CTA

August 3, 2017BySameera Salari

Today we are rolling out a new call-to-action unit (CTA) for all publishers on Instant Articles, based on feedback from publishers that they want to drive adoption for their mobile apps. The new unit is an app install CTA, which gives publishers the ability to promote their mobile app to people reading their articles. Like other CTAs, the app install CTA can be set up through a simple, self-serve creation flow, and publishers will be able to access insights on the performance alongside all of their other CTAs.

In order to take advantage of this update, follow the instructions on Facebook's developer site.

We’ve worked closely with partners to create and test this new CTA, and we've seen that it helps publishers build relationships with their audience and better connect with their most loyal readers. Alongside the page like and email newsletter sign-up CTAs, publishers have more direct lines of communication with their readers to drive the conversions that matter to their business.

We're always looking to improve Instant Articles, and we're committed to working closely with partners to identify more impactful opportunities to extend publisher value on Facebook.