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Launching New Placement for Email Sign-Up Call-To-Action Unit

July 12, 2017BySameera Salari

In April we announced call-to-action units (CTAs), prompting readers to like a publisher’s page or sign up for an email newsletter from within an Instant Article. Today we are launching a new placement for the email sign-up CTA unit. It will appear just beneath the headline and byline of the article in your Instant Articles. This header unit works exactly the same way as the existing email newsletter sign-up CTA that appears in the body of the article. Readers who submit their email directly through this form agree to receive email updates from your publication.

We've seen in testing that the new placement of this unit, close to the top of the article, drives additional email sign ups. And the new placement of this unit will never appear in an article that also shows the email newsletter sign-up CTA in the body. You don't need to take any action to start using the header unit. However, note that the content featured in it is an abbreviated version of what appears in the body version, with only your unit headline text displaying. No body text will be featured when this unit is served.

In order to take advantage of this update, no action is needed. However, if you don't want to use it, you can opt-out of this placement by following the instructions here.

We are continuing to collaborate with our partners to drive value through call-to-action units in Instant Articles. We look forward to identifying additional opportunities to drive deeper engagement and build relationships between publishers and their readers on Facebook.