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Small Banner Ads

June 28, 2017ByBen Peskoe

When we launched Instant Articles, we offered two types of ads via Audience Network: small banners and native ads. Since then, we've continued to iterate on and improve the ads we offer, including the addition of new native ad formats including video ads and carousel ads. We have found that small banner ads are used by a minority of Instant Articles publishers, and they generate less value for both publishers and advertisers than native ads.

In order to focus more effectively on improving monetization options for publishers, we plan to remove the option to use the small banner size and automatically migrate the publishers who use them to native ads. We aim to make this change on August 1, 2017. (Note that this change impacts Audience Network ads only; it does not impact ads that publishers sell directly.)

As we look more closely at monetization opportunities within Instant Articles, we want to ensure that we are investing in ad units that are native to both the form and function of the content surrounding them. We've seen that native ads have significantly grown the value for publishers, advertisers, and people.

Our goal with ads in Instant Articles is to drive revenue for publishers and performance for advertisers, while maintaining a great reading experience for people. We are committed to extending the value for Instant Articles, and look forward to continuing to make improvements to the product. To learn more about native ads, visit our documentation.