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Insights Dashboard and API – Interruption and Resolution

Gayan Edirisinghe
May 16, 2017

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We found an interruption in the timeline of Instant Articles data available through our dashboard and through the Insights API. Instant Articles data has been unavailable since late last week. We've been investigating the issue and have found all accessible data remains accurate; however, an overexertion on our tools seems to have temporarily crashed the system.

While we restore the insights tools back to normal functionality, no Instant Articles data will be available from when the issue was detected through the next 7-day period. This means all article analyses (current period, 7-day, 30-day, quarterly, etc.) will not account for data that would have been collected between May 11, 2017 and May 25, 2017. Note that data for aggregate calculations that span this period may be different than expected as well.

We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible because we understand the importance of our insights tools in evaluating performance of content on Facebook. We will notify publishers when the Instant Articles dashboard and API have been restored.

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