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Monetization Methods: Audience Network

July 14, 2016ByKate Orseth

We know publishers have different ways of monetizing their content, and we're excited to offer flexible solutions in Instant Articles. In a three-part series over the next six weeks, we will highlight how publishers can monetize in Instant Articles: Audience Network, direct-sold ads, and branded content.

We're kicking off the series with a look at Audience Network, Facebook's exclusive monetization solution for Instant Articles. Audience Network helps publishers grow their business by creating better ad experiences for people, delivering relevant and engaging ads, and driving yield.

When to Use Audience Network

Publishers can use Audience Network as their primary monetization method, connecting with demand from over 3 million advertisers on Facebook. Instant Articles publishers who direct sell are also finding success by integrating with Audience Network as a backfill solution.

What Readers See

Audience Network ads create a better experience for readers, with ads that are uniquely relevant to their audience and and native ad formats that fit the look and feel of the environment. With immersive and engaging ad formats, like video, ads fit seamlessly into the Instant Article experience.

Here is an example of what an Audience Network ad looks like in an Instant Article:

How Ad Targeting and Placement Works

Using rich, people-based targeting, Audience Network ads help publishers increase revenue and create long term value by delivering the right ad to the right person. Publishers can opt to have ads placed automatically in their articles to maximize ad placement within our ads experience guidelines.

To measure success, publishers can employ their existing reporting and analytics tools.

Getting Started

To get started, take a look at the on-boarding process or review our developer documentation for implementation details. If you need support with your Audience Network implementation or integration, you can use this help request form.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in this series, Direct Sold Ads.