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March 27 at 10:02amby Ben Peskoe

A few weeks ago we shared that we are working with our partners to explore additional ad placements and formats within Instant Articles. As we update these monetization options, we are investing in ad units that are native to both the form and function of the content surrounding them.

We're beginning to test ads in the related articles section at...

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March 16 at 2:07pmby Will Bleakley

Indiatimes is a leading publisher in India and creates content designed to be consumed on social platforms. It publishes stories with a focus on the trending topics of the day across technology, politics, lifestyle, culture, and entertainment. Wanting to get its articles to the biggest audience possible, Indiatimes signed up with Instant Articles...

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March 13 at 7:58amby Will Bleakley

For the Win (FTW) is a digital publisher, run by USA TODAY, that covers viral sports moments from the fan's perspective. The site focuses on social media not just as a distribution channel, but as a driver of content. Its articles are a mix of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram embeds, short sports clips, gifs, photos and slideshows built around written...

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January 31 at 8:23amby Will Bleakley

Onedio is a five-year-old Turkish site that publishes listicles, quizzes and articles with a focus on entertainment and culture. Last year, in an effort to deliver content to mobile readers in the quickest and most engaging way on Facebook, the site began publishing 90% of their articles as Instant Articles.

Onedio has since expanded its...

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January 23 at 2:22amby Will Bleakley

TEGNA Media, which owns and operates 46 local television stations around the country, saw Instant Articles as a missing piece in its overall Facebook strategy. The company prides itself as an early Facebook adopter — using posts, comments, video and Live to deepen shared connections between affiliate stations and their local audiences. In 2015,...

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December 22, 2016 at 7:39amby Ben Peskoe

Over the course of this year, we've seen strong growth in Instant Articles and we're excited about the progress we've made to make the program a valuable part of publishers' businesses. We've listened to partner feedback to evolve our product and policies to improve value for publishers, resulting in a number of updates over the past year.


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December 9, 2016 at 9:51amby Will Bleakley

KIT is a forward-thinking digital publisher based out of Stockholm that builds content made to be consumed on social platforms. We talked with Fredrik Strömberg, the publisher’s co-founder and VP of Product, about why the publisher was so eager to join Instant Articles, how they design articles to stand out on the platform and what impact...

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December 5, 2016 at 3:05pmby Gayan Edirisinghe

Discovering multiple stories from a publisher should be as fast and frictionless as Instant Articles themselves. That's why we've been talking to publishers and looking for ways Instant Articles can better enable discovery to serve as a gateway to more content experiences.

We're excited to roll out horizontal scrolling in Instant Articles and to...

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