Terms of Service
Your use of Facebook is governed by Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities including all terms, conditions and policies incorporated therein (collectively, the "SRR"). The SRR is incorporated herein by this reference. The terms set out herein are in addition to (and not in lieu of) the SRR. The FbStart program ("program") including without limitation any application form for the program are deemed as part of "Facebook" under the SRR.
Facebook may use the data you submit in connection with your application for the program ("application") to evaluate your application, manage the program and as described in our Data Use Policy.
Facebook may approve your application in its sole discretion and any such approval may be withdrawn without notice.
If your application is successful, Facebook will provide you information on how to access program benefits available to you ("benefits"). The benefits and availability thereof are subject to change without notice. Facebook may disclose your data to third parties to make any of the benefits available to you.
Separate terms and conditions apply to the benefits and your use of the benefits. The benefits made available by third parties are subject to terms and conditions agreed between you and each such third party and Facebook shall not be a party to any such agreement nor shall Facebook have any liability or obligation with respect to such benefits. Facebook may terminate the program at any time without notice.
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