FbStart for Social Good

In addition to Bootstrap or Accelerate track benefits, we provide a custom package that empowers social good developers, non-profits and NGOs to connect with the people who care about their causes.
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Receive support and advice from Facebook's non-profit and social good teams, including Internet.org.
Connect with people and organizations related to your cause through events and online groups.
Exclusive Partners
Access unique partners that are dedicated to helping organizations like yours stay focused on the mission and succeed.
Social good developers and non-profits receive exclusive benefits and services from:
12 Months
Learn the skills you need to take your startup to the next level.
6 Months
Receive expert advisory services from M4 Global Partners to support business development including monetization, capital raise and market expansion.
6 Months
Attract and engage supporters and connect them to elected officials with Phone2Action's standard developer tool platform with up to 1,000 monthly API calls/month.
6 Months
Participate in an online social media workshop, two one-on-one sessions, and leverage a publications toolkit from Social Misfits to help you create dynamic social media strategies for marketing, campaigning, and fundraising.