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Developer documentation to help you build custom integrations for your company on Workplace, or third-party integrations that many companies can use.


Learn about building custom integrations for your Workplace community or third party integrations that can be installed on multiple communities.

About These Guides

The documents in this section are technical and are intended for an audience of Workplace developers. If this doesn't sound like you, the following documents may be what you need:

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Learn about the basics of building integrations for Workplace.
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Custom Integrations

See how to extend the functionality of Workplace for your company by building Custom Integrations.
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Third Party Apps

Third Party Apps allow Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to integrate their SaaS and PaaS products with Workplace.
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Platform Features


Build bots for Workplace in groups and chat.
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Authenticated Previews

Support Authenticated Previews to make your content preview correctly when shared on Workplace.
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Share Dialog

If you have content that exists outside of Workplace, you may want to make it simple for people to share that content back into Workplace.
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Reference Docs

Graph API

The Graph API for Workplace is a programmatic way to get data in and out of Workplace. It's a low-level HTTP-based API that you can use to query data about objects in a Workplace graph.

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Webhooks enable integrations to subscribe to events in Workplace and receive updates in real time. When a change occurs in Workplace, an HTTPS POST request is sent to a callback URL for each app that's subscribed to the relevant webhook topic.

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This guide describes the app and permission model for Workplace APIs and Webhooks in more detail.

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Account Management API

Build a custom connector to provision and deactivate accounts for the people in your Workplace community.

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