Integrating with Workplace

Learn about building integrations for Workplace by Facebook

About Workplace

Workplace is a work collaboration tool built by Facebook. Workplace helps teams and organizations collaborate efficiently wherever they work.

Workplace comes in two flavors, Workplace Standard and Workplace Premium. To build integrations for Workplace, you need to use Workplace Premium.

To get started using Workplace, or to learn more about using Workplace, go to the main Workplace website at

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Building for Workplace

Workplace has a platform built on the same infrastructure as Facebook Platform and Messenger Platform. This means that developers can use familiar technology like Graph API and Webhooks to build powerful integrations between Workplace and other enterprise tools.

Custom Integrations

System Admins on Workplace can build custom integrations for their Workplace community, which can combine many features together into a bespoke solution for their company needs.

Custom Integrations

Third Party Integrations

If you're a developer of an enterprise SaaS (software as a service) application, or want to build an integration that serves lots of Workplace customers, you can build a Third Party Integration.

Third Party Integrations


Integrating with Workplace commonly involves implementing one or more of the below features.


By building bots for Workplace, it's possible to notify people on Workplace when important things happen in your app.

Bots can notify people in several different ways:

  • Posting into Groups
  • Sending 1:1 Chat Messages
  • Sending Group Chat Messages

To learn more about notifying people via bots, read our guide to building bots.

Group and Chat Bots

Authenticated Previews

When people share your app's private content, you can implement Authenticated Previews to make sure that the content previews well on Workplace.

Authenticated Previews

Share Extensions

Going beyond Authenticated Previews, you can make sure that your content shows up inside the Workplace composer, making it easy for people to share your content directly from Workplace.

Share Extensions