Integrate Workplace into your existing workflow with built-in or custom API integrations.


Out of the box, Workplace is a powerful tool for people to communicate and collaborate with each other. With Workplace Integrations you can make it into a tool to increase productivity, and help employees get work done.

This document describes the different integration types that you can leverage or build into your environment.

Content Integrations

Content integrations provide a way to generate metadata or image previews when posting links to a Workplace group.

Compliance Integrations

Meet compliance, data security, threat protection, and legal eDiscovery requirements by leveraging one of the supported Compliance integrations.

EMM Integrations

Streamline the way that people use Workplace on iOS and Android devices through integration with your Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations on Workplace are services that use APIs to extend the functionality of Workplace.

Sharing to Workplace

Share links from your Intranet to a Workplace group using the Workplace Share Dialog.