The Workplace Integration Directory is currently in beta.

The information in this document is subject to change.

Workplace Integration Directory - Requirements for Partner Developers

At F8 2018, Workplace will announce a number of new integrations that will help people share content, stay up to date with activity in other apps, and streamline common workflows.

Thank you for being one of our launch partners in this endeavour. We appreciate your support, your investment, and your belief in the opportunity ahead.

As part of these announcements, we plan to list your integration in our directory that will help existing Workplace customers discover the integrations available to them, and enable them in a few clicks.

To be part of the Integrations Directory, we need you to supply us with the following information/assets.

Please note:

  • We may use the assets/strings you send us in press/PR screenshots - please ensure you're happy for the below assets to be used to publicly represent your brand/app/integration.
  • If you need to update these assets between now and F8 will will be able to do this for you manually if you send them to us (please contact your Partner Manager or Partner Engineer).
  • We're working to let you self-edit these assets via but this may not be possible until closer to F8.
  • At this time, you only need to supply string for the en_US locale but we may ask you for translated strings at some point in future.

1. Integration Name

A string which represents your app's name. This will be visible in the directory and wherever your app is referred to. If your integration has a bot, this will also be the bot's name.

Recommended Character Length: 30


  • “Dropbox”
  • “Envoy”
  • “Jira”

2. Developer/Publisher Name

A string that represents your company/organization. Will be used alongside the integration name to help people understand who is responsible for the functionality of the integration.

Recommended Character Length: 30


  • “Dropbox, Inc.”
  • “Recognize Services, Inc.”

3. App Logo & Icons

  • A 1024 x 1024 png. This will be used as the icon image for your integration in the directory, the install dialog and various other places where we need a larger icon. If your integration has a bot, this will also be the bot's icon. We will scale this down to multiple sizes.
  • A 64x64 colour app favicon (transparent PNG). This will be scaled down to 32x32 and 16x16 formats.
  • A 64x64 monochrome (black) app icon (transparent PNG). This will be scaled down to 32x32 and 16x16 formats.
  • Primary Brand Color (hex). This will be used to colorize your app's monochrome icon in certain circumstances and may be user as background/header colour where we promote your integration.

4. App Subtitle / Tagline

A short sentence description of what your integration does. This will be shown in the directory where we list multiple integrations together, and in the integration install dialog.


  • “High quality video conferencing.”
  • “Quick and simple surveys via Chat.”
  • “The new standard for visitor registration.”

Recommended Character Count: 40.

5. Integration Description

A clear description of what your integration/app does and why people should install/enable it. This will use shown in your integration's directory listing.

Guidance: around 400 characters across up to two paragraphs.

6. External Links

  • “Learn More” link - a URL where users can go to learn more about what your app/product does and how your integration works. This may be a blog post which details your integration's functionality, or a help center/support article that gives more detail to people on what they can expect once your integration is added to their Workplace. Examples:
  • Customer Support URL - A user-facing URL to where users/customers of your integration can go to ask questions and raise bugs.
  • Customer Support Email - A user-facing email address where users/customers of your integration can go to ask questions and raise bugs. Please endeavour to ensure that people receive a a reply within 24 hours. If you're unable to provide that turnaround, you should setup an auto-reply which directs people to another channel where they can file bugs or give feedback about your integration. Our support team will pass this email address to Workplace customers if they contact us about a problem with your integration.

7. URLs to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Two URLs that link directly to your apps Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These will be user-visible, and will be show on your integration's directory page and on the integration install dialog. Both URLs should reliably resolve to a document that is visible without any authentication (internet-public).

8. Showcase Images

A set of images that showcase what your integration does. You can include a mix of mobile and desktop screenshots.

You must supply at least 3 images. Maximum of 8.

Each image must be:

  • 800px high
  • between 400px wide (min) and 1000px wide (max)
  • full-bleed PNG