Custom integration deactivation policy

The security of customer data stored in Workplace is our top priority at Facebook. We are committed to ensuring that the data is accessed exclusively by the users and systems which have been granted access to Workplace.

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure data security on Workplace, we have implemented a system to deactivate integrations which have not been active in the last 60 days. Custom integrations which have been recently active (in the last 60 days) are unaffected, and continue to operate normally.

Which custom integrations will be deactivated?

Any custom integrations which match all of the below will be deactivated:

  • No API activity (SCIM or Graph) in the previous 60 days
  • No active webhook subscriptions

When will the custom integrations be deactivated?

This process will run regularly to ensure that the Workplace platform remains safe

How do I stop my custom integrations being deactivated?

Issuing a successful API request using the access token for that integration before the deadline will ensure that the custom integration stays enabled.

How can I reactivate a custom integration if it has been deactivated?

A system administrator can reactivate a custom integration by visiting the Integrations page of the Admin Panel , selecting the appropriate integration and reactivating the integration.

How can I see which integrations have been deactivated?

A system administrator can see deactivated custom integrations by visiting the Integrations page of the Admin Panel where deactivated integrations will be highlighted.

How do I get further information on this?

Please raise a support ticket and we will be able to answer any further questions.