Username & Password Authentication


Workplace offers two different ways for users and admins to authenticate:

Username and Password

  • The username will be in the form of an email address which has been provisioned in advance.
  • The password is set by the user upon verifying their identity through a unique link sent to the email address registered in Workplace

Single Sign On (SSO)

  • The username will be in the form of an email address which has been provisioned in advance.
  • Instead of a password, authentication credentials will be provided by an SSO provider.

This guide describes Username and Password authentication in more detail. For more information on Single Sign On, see the Single Sign On guide.

Password Management

Any username and password credentials chosen by a user in Workplace are unique to Workplace, and separate to any passwords they may use on Facebook.

Resetting an Account Password

As An Administrator

To reset a user's password, you will need to have the Admin role: System Administrator or Account Manager, as part of your Workplace profile.

  1. In the Admin Panel, open to the People tab
  2. Find the user account to reset,
  3. Click the settings button on the right and select Deactivate User.

The user will have their credentials reset and a claim email will be sent to them to setup a new password.

As A User

  1. Open the Settings menu on Workplace.
  2. Select General from the left-hand pane
  3. Select Edit in the Password sub-section

Users can only reset their own passwords if SSO is not enabled.

Password Policies

Password Length

Passwords are required to be complex and are at least 8 characters long, containing no known dictionary words or common easy-to-guess passwords.

Password Retries

If users enter their password incorrectly more than 20 times, they will be locked out of their account for a period of time before they can retry.

Default Password

There is currently no way in which admins can set a default password for Workplace accounts.