Invite Process


Once a Workplace account has been provisioned for a member of your community they need to be invited to claim their account and start using Workplace for the first time. This document describes the process of inviting people to claim their accounts.


  • Provision - To create a user account within your Workplace Instance.
  • Invite - To allow a provisioned user to claim their account.
  • Claim - A process in which a invited user activates their Workplace account.

About The Invite Process

Until members are invited to use Workplace, they will be unaware they have a provisioned account. When an account is in an uninvited state:

  1. The member cannot claim their account and any attempts to do so will fail.
  2. The member will not receive any emails or other notifications from Workplace.

When you are ready for your members to be made aware that they have an account to claim, you will invite them to Workplace. Once they are invited, members will receive an email inviting them to claim their account through a uniquely generated URL. For SSO-enabled accounts, members will also have the option of claiming through logging into the Workplace through your configured SSO service.

Inviting Versus Provisioning

By having separate status for invited and uninvited members, we allow Workplace administrators to provision members in advance and invite them when ready. Workplace administrators can prepare a community by creating groups and adding members to them. Once everything is prepared the administrators can invite the members and they will already part of relevant groups.

How to Invite Accounts

There are 3 ways to invite people to claim their accounts: invite everyone, invite selected people, or invite individual accounts. These approaches are described below.

Invite All

Using this option will immediately prompt you to customize the claim email, after which all uninvited members will be invited immediately.

  1. Open the Send Invites tab of the Admin Panel.
  2. Press the Invite All button.

Invite Selected People

Using this option will allow you to invite a specific group of people.

  1. Open the Send Invites tab of the Admin Panel.
  2. Press the Choose People to Invite button to selectively invite group of members.
  3. A pop-up will ask for a list of members in the following file formats: .csv, .vcf, .txt or LDAP. If you require a template, one can be downloaded from the pop-up.
  4. Upload the file and the members you will be prompted to optionally customize the claim email, after which the members will be invited.

Invite an Individual

Use this option to invite an individual or to resend an invitation for a user who didn't receive theirs the first time.

  1. Open the People tab of the Admin Panel.
  2. Find the user in the list. You can search for them using the search box in the top right if you have multiple pages.
  3. Select Invite which will be next to their status.
  4. You'll be given a pop-up which offers you the ability to personalize the claim email. If you choose to add any text, you'll be shown a preview; otherwise Workplace will use the default content.

When are accounts created without being invited?

Individual Account Creation

When you create individual accounts they will be immediately invited.

Bulk Account Creation

When creating accounts through the Bulk Account Management you will be prompted upon each upload if you would like to invite the accounts right away or later. If you select later, the accounts will be created in an uninvited state and will need to be invited at a later point.

G Suite or Microsoft Azure AD (Automatic Account Management)

When connecting G Suite or Microsoft Azure AD as Automatic Account Management you will be prompted to have accounts invited when created or later. If you select to have them invited later, accounts will be created in an uninvited state. After inviting all accounts with the Invite All button then the configuration will change and newly created accounts will be invited immediately.

Automatic Account Management, Active Directory Sync, or Account Management API

When connecting another cloud identity provider, Active Directory Sync, or a custom implementation of the Account Management API accounts will be created in uninvited state by default. After inviting all accounts with the Invite All button then the configuration will change and newly created accounts will be invited immediately.

Claim Process

When you are ready to invite a member they will need to go through a claim process in order to check and provide information about their profile and set a password. Employees will start this process by either receiving an email from Workplace which contains their unique claim URL, or navigating to the sign in page (SSO-enabled companies only) once they have been invited. Once accessed, Workplace will take them through a process to complete their registration.

The Account Claim Process

Note: If your company has enabled SSO for your instance, members will first be asked to log in to your SSO system before they can start the claim process.

Step 1: Accept terms and confirm profile details

Depending on your setting choices in the Admin Panel, members may be asked to accept your company's terms of use, as well as check/complete/amend their profile details and set a profile picture.

Step 2: Setting a password

Members will be asked to set a password. Note: This stage is omitted for SSO enabled instances.

Step 3: Selecting default groups

Members will be able to select groups to be members of from a small selective pool, or by searching for a specific name.

Members will be taken to the news feed and will be able to immediately start using Workplace.

You may wish to obtain a claim link in order to offer a secondary invite method to your members. For example, you may want to deliver invites in print format, or via a company-wide SMS gateway, or you may just wish to send a personalised email merge from a Manager/C-Level to employees as a follow-up to the system-generated email from Workplace.

Exporting claim links allows you distribute them one-by-one or en-masse alongside other members information. Claim links can be obtained through downloading a CSV file containing an export of employee information:

  1. In the Admin Panel, open the People tab.
  2. Using the dropdown menu, select Export.
  3. After a short period, you'll receive an email which will link to a CSV containing all member data, including the claim links for each unclaimed account which has already been invited.