Resetting Your Certification Authority Certificates

When uploading a Certification Authority (CA) certificate to the WhatsApp Business API client, if the certificate is invalid for some reason, the Webapp containers will fail to start on reboot as the API endpoint will be down. To recover from this situation, you will need to drop the certs database table.

  1. Stop the Webapp container:
    docker stop your-webapp-container-id
  2. Connect to MySQL via Docker in the command line:
    docker exec -it your-mysql-container-id mysql -uroot -p
  3. Enter your MySQL password when prompted (as per mysql.conf).
  4. Check whether the certs table exists:
    show tables in waweb;
  5. Drop the certs table:
    drop table waweb.certs;
  6. Exit MySQL:
  7. Restart the Webapp container:
    docker restart your-webapp-container-id
  8. Log into MySQL again using above steps to make sure the certs table now exists.

Refer to the Certificates documentation for information on uploading a valid CA certificate.