Tips and Tricks

This document covers:

Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to drop the waweb database to reset it.

  1. Stop the Webapp container:
    docker stop your-webapp-container-id
  2. Connect MySQL via Docker in the command line:
    docker exec -it your-mysql-container-id mysql -uroot -p
  3. Enter your MySQL password when prompted (as per mysql.conf).
  4. Check whether the waweb database exists:
    show databases;
  5. Drop the waweb database:
    drop database waweb;
  6. Exit MySQL:
  7. Restart the Webapp container:
    docker restart your-webapp-container-id
  8. Log in to MySQL again using above steps to make sure waweb now exists.
  9. Check the users table in this database for an admin entry.

Now, refer to the Login and Authentication documentation to continue with your login.