Visit the WhatsApp Business API status page for the latest information on whether the API is experiencing any platform outages.

WhatsApp Business On-Premises API

  • Error Messages — Error and HTTP status codes.
  • FAQs — Frequently asked questions covering everything from installation, registration, errors and more.
  • WADebug — A command-line tool to help find any potential issues with WhatsApp Business API setup.
  • Support Logs — Retrieve troubleshooting logs to get help with your WhatsApp Business API client.
  • Resetting Your Password — How to reset your password if you've forgotten it.
  • Status - Displays WhatsApp Business API service status. Having issues using WhatsApp Business Manager? Can't send messages? Check this page first.
  • Resetting Your CA Certificates — How to reset your Certification Authority certificates when they are invalid.

WhatsApp Business Management API

Embedded Signup

  • FAQs — Frequently asked questions about the embedded signup flow.
  • Errors — Various embedded signup-related errors and their solutions.

Contact Direct Support — Still need help? Submit a ticket with Direct Support.

Developer Community Forum

We have launched a Developer Community Forum for WhatsApp Business API developers to ask and answer questions about their integration.

You can continue leveraging Direct Support for questions that are only pertinent to you, or contain user data, but the forum is the best place to get feedback on questions that may be relevant to a broader audience, learn about best practices or tips on how to build your integration, and engage with the WhatsApp developer community.