Conversation-Based Pricing Test in Mexico

We are excited about the value the WhatsApp Business API is creating for people and businesses. People tell us they get the most value when they can have a conversation with a business on WhatsApp and businesses similarly report significant ROI when using the API for two-way messaging.

We want to align our business model to support continued growth of conversations on the API. Starting February 1, 2021 we’ll start testing a new pricing model in Mexico that charges per conversation rather than the current per message model. The conversation model and rates we are testing will still allow businesses to see significant ROI.

This is a test, and we will provide advance notice to partners and clients before making any global pricing updates.

How will the test work?

Starting February 1, 2021, we will test a new pricing model for the WhatsApp Business API that will impact businesses messaging users with a Mexico phone number. We will test shifting away from charging businesses per message to a per conversation model that will also include a free tier of conversations per month.

Only businesses messaging users with Mexico phone numbers will be impacted by the test. The existing templated messages pricing will apply to businesses messaging people with phone numbers in any other country.

For businesses messaging users with Mexico phone numbers, messages sent through the WhatsApp Business API will be charged per conversation starting February 1, 2021.

WhatsApp defines a conversation as a 24-hour session of unlimited messaging between a person and a business. The 24-hour conversation session begins when:

  1. A business-initiated message is delivered to a user, outside of a 24 hour window
  2. A business reply to a user message is delivered within the 24 hour window

In both cases, the conversation session begins when the business’ message is delivered.

When businesses initiate messages to users (templated messages), this will initiate a conversation, regardless of whether users reply to that message within the next 24 hours. There is no limit on the number of messages a business and a user can exchange in a single 24-hour conversation session.

Free tier

We want to continue to make it free for businesses to explore using the API to connect with their customers. For this test, businesses will receive 1,500 free conversations each month when messaging users with Mexico phone numbers.

Any conversation beyond the first 1,500 sent to users with Mexico phone numbers will be charged at the rate of $0.014 per conversation.

Conversation Rates in Mexico During the Test Period

Mexico test rates by currency (effective February 1, 2021)


Price per conversation







Rates for messaging with users in all other markets (based on recipient phone number) is subject to our standard per message rates found on our rate card for templated messages.