WhatsApp Business Accounts

A WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) lets your business use the WhatsApp Business Platform to communicate directly with your customers. To get started, you have two options:

Once you have a WABA, we recommend that you:

To get a snapshot of your WABA, go to Business Manager > Business Settings > Accounts > WhatsApp Accounts. A list of WABAs associated with your business will open up. Click on the WABA you want to review and select Settings to see information like Business Verification status, account status, and payment method.

Business Verification

Since May 2, 2022, businesses can start messaging customers immediately and only need to complete Business Verification when they’re ready to scale business-initiated conversations or request to become an Official Business Account (OBA). There was no change to the current processes for Business Verification or OBA. Learn more.

Types of Business Accounts

There are two types of WhatsApp Business Accounts:

Name Description

Official Business Account

An official business account has a green checkmark badge in its profile and chat thread headers. The name of the business is visible even if the user hasn't added the business to their address book. See Official Business Account for more information.

Business Account

By default, any account using the WhatsApp Business Platform or WhatsApp Business App is a business account.

WhatsApp verifies authenticity of a brand for every account on the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Depending on the business account type, users see different things. If a user has already saved the business number in their address book, the name from their address book is always displayed. The phone number is still visible in the contacts view.

Official Business Account

If your WhatsApp account is an official business account, the display name is visible in the chat list, chat screens, chat groups, and contacts view instead of the phone number. There will also be a green checkmark beside the displayed name in the contacts view.

How It Works

WhatsApp has verified that an authentic, notable brand owns this account.

Our criteria for WhatsApp Official Business Accounts (OBA) is based on a number of factors and is different from policies on other platforms. In addition to following WhatsApp's Commerce and Business Policies, businesses need to be:

Requesting an Official Business Account

Follow these instructions to request an official business account. For accounts managed by Business Solution Providers (BSP), the process is initiated by the BSP.

  1. Access Direct Support from your Business Manager.
  2. Click the Ask a Question button in the top right corner.
  3. Select WABiz: Request official business account status and fill out the required information.
  4. If you have not set up two-factor verification for the phone number you want verified, follow the instructions in the Two-Step Verification documentation to enable it.
  5. If you have not completed Business Verification, see Verify Your Business for more information.

The request status is available under Direct Support in Business Manager. Once we've reviewed your request, you will receive a notification letting you know if your account has been granted OBA or not. If your request is denied, you can submit a new request after 30 days.

We do not grant Official Business Accounts to business employees, test accounts, and Business App. Official Business Accounts are only available to Platform users at this time since accounts on the Business App do not go through Business Verification.

Understanding Notability

Notability requires a business to represent a well-known, often searched brand or entity. This should not be taken as a signal of the authenticity of the business. A business is considered authentic if they have gone through the Business Verification which verifies the business as a legal entity and their access to the business.

Notability, on the other hand, reflects substantial presence in online news articles. Notability is assessed based on an account’s presence in news articles from publications with sizable audiences. We do not consider paid or promotional content as sources for review, including business or app listings.

Official business accounts are issued at the phone number and display name level. We assess notability for the Display Name of the business account that is requesting OBA status —If the display name is changed after receiving the OBA status, we will need to re-assess the new display name for notability and display name compliance.

Additionally, previous OBA approvals within a Whatsapp Business Account do not guarantee approval for other numbers (with different display names) associated with that account. If your WABA contains one main parent brand and the phone number associated with that brand meet notability requirements, we suggest updating the display names for the child brands as follows: '{{sub-brand name}} by {{notable name}}'.

Denied Requests

If your OBA request has been denied, it means our team has carefully reviewed your account, and unfortunately, your account is not eligible for the OBA status at this time. Currently, these decisions cannot be appealed.

Businesses can continue to grow their presence and wait 30 days before submitting another Official Business Account request —It may take time to build the business's presence in news articles as described above.

In the meantime, this decision doesn't limit your ability to share your business details. Each phone number also has a business profile which includes profile picture, email, website, and business description. These are fields that you can edit at any time. We hope you continue to connect with and grow your customer reach on WhatsApp.

Business Account

If your WhatsApp account is a business account, the display name is only shown in the contacts view in smaller text; all other views will show the phone number. You can help customers learn more about your company by filling out your business info, including business website, address, and hours.

Messaging On-Behalf-Of

There are two ways to use the Platform:

Using a BSPDirect Integration

In this case, one of our third-party business solution providers (BSPs) hosts the WhatsApp Business API client. Then, businesses can use the API through their chosen BSP.

In this case, a business uses the API directly.

Currently, this implementation is not available for new customers.

There are two different WABA models for businesses working with one of our BSPs:

  • On-Behalf-Of (OBO): The BSP business owns the WABA and the WABA sends messages on-behalf-of a client's business. In this case, the client's business must accept the on-behalf-of relationship request on their Business Manager.
  • WABA Sharing Model: The end business owns the WABA and shares it with the BSP business. The BSP has access to the WABA's phone numbers, message templates, and insights.

Contact direct support if you need to reset an OBO relationship. Be aware that this causes downtime.


  • A WABA can have a maximum of 250 message templates.
  • By default, you can register 25 phone numbers per WhatsApp Business Account. If you have a specific reason and want to extend this limit, please contact direct support.
  • There is no limit to the number of WABA's that can live under a single Business Manager.
  • A WABA must belong to only one Business Manager. You cannot have two or more Business Managers owning one WABA.
  • A WABA's timezone and currency cannot be edited once a line of credit has been attached to it.
  • You cannot migrate a WABA from one business to another.