WhatsApp helps more than 2 billion people connect and share with the people they care about. For businesses, WhatsApp is a simple, secure, and reliable way to reach customers.

WhatsApp offers the following solutions for businesses looking to connect with their customers:

  • WhatsApp Business App: Built with the small business owner in mind, the app makes it easy to personally connect with customers, highlight products and services, and answer questions.
  • WhatsApp Business API: Recommended for medium and large businesses, the API allows companies to communicate with their customers at scale. This product is the one being covered on the documentation you are currently browsing.
  • Ads that click to WhatsApp: Add a "Send Message" button to your Facebook or Instagram ads that will open a conversation thread with your business.

If you use anything other than the official WhatsApp Business API or other official WhatsApp tools, we reserve the right to limit or remove your access to WhatsApp as this violates our policies. Please do not use any non-WhatsApp authorized third-party tools to communicate on WhatsApp.

Overview Contents

About the API

Learn about the WhatsApp Business API and its supporting products.

Get Started with Partners

If you are looking to get started right away, we have partnered with a group of providers that can help you with set up an integration.

Client Architecture

Learn more about how a successful WhatsApp Business API Client is architected.

Network Requirements

Network requirements necessary for the WhatsApp Business API client to connect to WhatsApp servers.


Security concerns to consider for WhatsApp Business API client communications.

Data Management

Recommendations on how to manage the various different types of data and databases associated with the WhatsApp Business API client.

Getting Opt-In

Businesses are required to obtain opt-in before sending proactive notifications to customers.

Data Processing Terms

WhatsApp Business data GDPR information.

Next Steps

You are ready to get started. Learn how to set up the WhatsApp Business API client and perform a basic API request.