WhatsApp helps more than 1.5 billion people connect and share with the people they care about. WhatsApp is a simple, secure, and reliable way for businesses to reach their customers all over the world. This guide will help businesses onboard and build their first official WhatsApp messaging experience using the WhatsApp Business API.

If you are looking to get started with the API right away, we have partnered with a group of third-party providers that can help you with setup and integration. Browse the Partner Directory to find the partners that suit your needs. Or, if you would like to submit your business for consideration, please visit https://www.facebook.com/business/m/whatsapp/business-api.

Business Profile

The first step for businesses to communicate with customers on WhatsApp is to create a Business Profile. WhatsApp will create a unique entry for your business with relevant information that will be visible to customers that are communicating with you.

Registering as a business will unlock features such as:

  • Business Information
    People can easily identify your business and find out more information such as your address, hours of operation, website, and description.
  • Send and Receive
    Programmatically send and receive messages from your customers at scale.
    Enable two-way, high value conversations with your customers.
  • Message Templates
    Create message templates that are needed for sending notification messages to users.

Product Description

The WhatsApp Business API client supports a subset of the features provided by the WhatsApp applications you already know from Android, iOS, and Web, including end-to-end encryption. The difference is that this application can be deployed on a server, providing a local API that allows you to programmatically send and receive messages and integrate this workflow with your own systems (e.g., CRMs, contact center platforms, etc.).

Please note that if you use anything other than the official WhatsApp Business API or other official WhatsApp tools, we reserve the right to limit or remove your access to WhatsApp as this violates our policies. Please do not use any non-WhatsApp authorized third-party tools to communicate on WhatsApp. To discover the group of third-party providers WhatsApp works with, visit the Partner Directory.