Collect important stats about your Coreapp and database with the stats node. Measure the performance of your queue with current queue callback size and number of pending messages.


The following edges are connected to this node:



Returns stats for the Coreapp.


Returns stats for the database.

Before You Start

The stats node supports Bearer token and API key authentication.

API Keys

If you wish to monitor the health, metrics, and stats nodes from an orchestrator, Bearer tokens are not the best option for ongoing checks as they expire every 7 days. To mediate this, you can use an API key, which can be set using the WA_API_KEY environment variable in the waweb environment section in the .yml file of your installation setup.
    WA_API_KEY: your-api-key-token
The API key you set must have a minimum of 12 characters and a maximum of 128 characters. The Webapp must be restarted whenever you change the API key.