WhatsApp Business API Installation

You can install and update the WhatsApp Business API client using Docker Compose.

Make sure you have gotten approval for your business's phone number and have a certificate before attempting installation.

The Installation documentation covers:

Developer Setups

Demonstrates how to set up a WhatsApp Business API client on your developer machine with the purpose of getting you familiar with the setup process and should not be used for a production environment. It is highly recommended that you try out one of the developer setup processes below before a production setup.

Production Setups

Demonstrates how to set up a WhatsApp Business API client in a production environment and covers best practices. Please use this documentation as reference and make necessary changes according to your business needs.

  • Single Instance — Simple setup with one Coreapp instance
  • High Availability/Multiconnect — Advanced setup with multiple Coreapp instances that helps avoid a single point of failure and/or provides higher message throughput


If you have an existing setup of the WhatsApp Business API client and want to migrate to a new setup using the same phone number and app settings, the Migration guide will help you identify changes and what you need to do about them.