Upload Inventory to Facebook

A business’ inventory needs to be uploaded to Facebook in a catalog format —see About Catalogs for more information.

If a business already has a Facebook catalog set up, we suggest that you leverage that catalog for WhatsApp commerce use cases. Just connect the catalog to a WABA and the business will be able to Share Products With Customers.

If a business needs to create a catalog, there are two possibilities:

You can upload only one catalog per WhatsApp Business Account (WABA), but the same catalog can belong to multiple phone numbers.

Business Solution Providers

Business Solution Providers (BSPs) onboarding client businesses into commerce messages have the following options:

  • If a client business already has and manages their own Facebook catalog, they can give permission to the BSP to manage their catalog —these permissions are controlled via Business Manager and Commerce Manager. After that, the BSP can link the WABA to the catalog via WhatsApp Manager.
  • If a client business doesn't have a Facebook catalog, they can create and upload a new catalog under the BSP's business ID.