Marking Messages as Read

You can use the messages node to change the status of incoming messages to read.

Before You Start

You must set pass_through to false in the application settings.

When pass_through is set to true, messages are removed from the local database after they are delivered to or read by the recipient. But, when it is set to false, incoming messages are saved in local database for 7 days, after which they are deleted if db_garbagecollector_enable is set to true.

We recommend marking incoming messages as read within 7 days of receipt.

When you set the flag for first time, you must restart the Coreapp to reflect this change.

Step 1: Make POST Request to /messages

The message_id used in this API call is the id provided in the inbound notification.

PUT /v1/messages/message-id

    "status": "read"





Updating status to read is applicable only for incoming messages.

Step 2: Check the API Response

A successful response returns:

null # or {}