WhatsApp Business API Guides

These guides walk through the various parts of your business on WhatsApp and how to get started. It is recommended you read each of these before performing an installation.

  • Getting Started — Quick outline of how to get started and next steps
  • Network Requirements — Network requirements necessary for the WhatsApp Business API client to connect to WhatsApp servers
  • Phone Number — Verify and register your business's phone number
  • Display Name — Display your business's name when talking to your customers
  • Volumes — Securely store WhatsApp data while using Docker
  • HTTPS Setup — Set up and use HTTPS endpoints
  • MySQL - Environment variables Coreapp and Webapp can use to connect to the MySQL database
  • Users endpoint — Create, manage, and use access tokens and user accounts for added security
  • Backup and Restore Settings — How to backup and restore your WhatsApp Business API client
  • Deploying WhatsApp on AWS — Create an Amazon Web Services cloud to runs the WhatsApp Business API client
  • Rate Limits — WhatsApp Business API endpoint rate limits scenarios
  • Understanding How to Get Opt-in for WhatsApp — How to present your users with opt-in for messaging
  • WhatsApp Web Business Tool — Using the graphic user interface to access some of the WhatsApp Business API client's settings and features
  • Postman Collection — Import our WAE Developer Collection into Postman to quickly test the WhatsApp Business API
  • Tips and Tricks — WhatsApp Business API Client tips and tricks