This guide gives you an overview of the embedded signup process from the perspectives of Business Solution Providers (BSPs) and the businesses that onboard via embedded signup flow. For the purposes of this guide, we use the words “business” and “customers” to describe companies that use the WhatsApp Business API through a solution provided by a BSP.

BSPs' Overview

First, BSPs must set up the required assets. Once assets are in place, integration can start —see our integration page for details about the process.


  • The embedded signup flow only works in web browsers and does not work on mobile devices or mobile browsers. Ensure that your clients know to sign up on the web.
  • You cannot customize the flow, since it is standardized across all BSPs. You can control the experience before and after the embedded signup flow.

Once the integration is complete, businesses can start using the embedded signup flow to onboard to the WhatsApp Business API On-Premise solution.

When a business successfully finishes the embedded signup flow, a Facebook Login callback is sent and the business’s WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) is shared with the BSP.

After the callback is sent, the BSP should:

  • query for newly shared WhatsApp accounts,
  • download the certificate, and
  • share their line of credit with the business.

BSPs also need to support businesses through the process of Business Verification, ensuring they understand the process and are able to provide the right documentation.


The embedded signup flow is available in 30 languages. The localized flow is automatically triggered based on the language that the end client uses Facebook in.

Available languages are: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, English (UK), Spanish (Spain), Spanish, Finnish, French (France), Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (bokmal), Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese (China), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan).

WhatsApp Manager Visibility

BSPa are not able to restrict businesses access to WhatsApp Manager. Businesses own their WhatsApp Business Account and can view it in their WhatsApp Manager.

Postman Embedded Signup Collection

Postman is a popular tool to help test APIs. To make it more convenient for developers integrating embedded signup API, we've developed a Postman collection that contains the full set of embedded signup API calls and documentation.

For more information about embedded signup on Postman, see Embedded Signup.

Businesses' Overview

Businesses go to their BSPs website and start the signup process for the WhatsApp Business API. During signup:

  • Businesses should use the phone number and display name they want to use with the WhatsApp Business API. See Phone Numbers for more information.
  • Businesses can only select or create a single WhatsApp Business Account at a time.

Immediately after signup, the business can send a limited number of messages in an unverified state to test the experience.

The business should request Business Verification in order to be able to increase the number of messages they can send.

Video Walkthrough

Watch this video to see what the embedded signup flow experience is like from a client business's perspective:

Unable to Send Messages After Onboarding

There may be situations where businesses can’t send messages after they completed the embedded signup flow. The following checks can help resolve and troubleshoot problems sending messages:

  1. Verify that a valid payment method is attached to the WhatsApp Business Account. If there isn’t a payment method then message template sends will fail.
  2. Make sure that the business’s 30 day unverified trial period hasn’t expired. If it has, your business will have to verify the phone number before you are able to send messages again. For more information, see Phone Numbers.
  3. Verify if another phone number in the same WhatsApp Business Account was already granted trial experience. In that case, this phone number needs to complete the verification processes to be able to send messages.

Next Steps

You can get started. See our integration page for details about the process.