Integration of the Embedded Signup Flow

This document describes the prerequisites and general steps you need to integrate the embedded signup flow into your website or client portal. For the purposes of this guide, we use the acronym WABA to mention WhatsApp Business Accounts.

Before You Start

To begin the integration of the embedded signup flow, you first need to have a Facebook Business Manager and Facebook app set up.

Facebook Business Manager

You need a Facebook Business Manager account to manage your line of credit and client's WhatsApp business accounts. For information on creating a business account, see Create a Business Manager. Once you have a Business Manager set up, verify your business.

Facebook App

From your Facebook developer account, create a Facebook app of the Business type. From the Apps panel you can access any of your Facebook apps to control app settings and request permissions.

Business apps are automatically approved for Standard Access for all Permissions and Features available to the Business app type, so you can develop and test your app while you are in this access level.

Standard Access effectively restricts Business apps to only accessing data owned by app users who have a role on the app or Business. Once you are ready to release your app, you need to complete App Review for the following permissions: business_management and whatsapp_business_management (these permissions are required for embedded signup).

Business Manager System User

Create a System User in your Business Manager by navigating to Business Settings > Users > System Users. Make sure to assign the System User the Financial Editor role. See About Business Manager Roles and Permissions for more information.

Generate a new System User token with the business_management and whatsapp_business_management permissions to use for all your embedded signup-related API calls.

Line of Credit

You need to set up a line of credit to send messages with the WhatsApp Business API. This is the line of credit you will share with your client businesses, so make sure you accept the Credit Allocation API terms under Business Settings > Payments in the Business Manager.

For information on sharing your line of credit through the Business Manager rather than through the API, see Share Access to Monthly Invoicing.

WhatsApp Business API client

Make sure you are running a non-expired version of the WhatsApp Business API client.

Get Started

To be released, your Facebook app must go through App Review and request Advanced Access to the business_management and whatsapp_business_management permissions. We recommend starting this process as soon as possible. You don't need to wait for embedded signup to be fully implemented to start this process.

Step 1: Embed the Signup Flow

Set up the Facebook JavaScript SDK and Facebook Login to embed the signup flow into your website or client portal. Feel free to embed the flow in multiple webpages or portals that you own.

Step 2: Integrate with Required Endpoints

After embedding the signup flow, integrate with the API endpoints needed to complete the integration process. To move to the next step, you need to be able to:

Once registration is complete, use the message_templates endpoint to get pre-approved message templates and namespaces so businesses can start sending messages.

You must use a secured end-point (HTTPS). For more information, see Login Security

Step 3: Subscribe WABAs to Receive Webhooks

Once businesses have completed the signup, you can subscribe to every WhatsApp business account for which you wish to receive Webhooks. You can set up your webhooks to notify you when:

  • a phone number's name is updated,
  • a phone number's quality status is updated, and
  • an account has been reviewed, upgraded or banned.

Optional Steps

If you want, you can: