Contact Direct Support

Visit the WhatsApp Business Platform status page for the latest information on whether the API is experiencing any platform outages.

To contact support, you can go to, select your business, and ask a question.

Alternatively, you can open a Direct Support ticket through your WhatsApp account in Business Manager.

  1. In Business Manager, go to the Business Settings.
  2. Under Accounts, select Whatsapp Accounts.
  3. Select your WhatsApp account from the WhatsApp Accounts list, if it isn't already.
  4. Select the Settings tab under Manage People and Settings.
  5. Click on the Contact Support button at the bottom of the section.
  6. Click Ask a Question and select a WhatsApp topic related to your issue.
  7. Type your issue into the Question text box and click Ask a New Question. A pop-up dialog will open allowing you to enter more information about your issue as well as provide any logs to support.
    If you are reporting a bug, please see the Debug Info for Reporting Bugs section for the information you should provide.
  8. Click Confirm when you are done.

Support Priority Levels

You can select a severity level when submitting a technical Direct Support ticket to WhatsApp Business Support. The support team will review your problem description against the severity criteria outlined below. If the description does not match the definition, the support team will adjust the severity and inform you of the change.

See more about each severity level below:

Severity 1 - Critical

Use the “Critical” severity level when:

  • Your production use of the WhatsApp Business API is stopped or impacted so severely that you cannot reasonably continue to work.
  • You are experiencing a complete loss of service.
  • The impacted operation is mission critical to your business and the situation is an emergency.

A “Critical” ticket has one or more of the following characteristics:


Data loss

You are not receiving messages.

Registration loss

You no longer have access to the API.

Server stability compromised

You are experiencing crashes or getting no responses from the system, even after restarting your server.

Security or privacy threats

Access to PII data.

Severity 2 - Urgent

Use the “Urgent” severity level when:

  • You are experiencing a severe loss of service in your production system.
  • Important features of the WhatsApp Business API are unavailable and there is no acceptable workaround. In this case, the features are missing but your business operations can still continue in a restricted fashion.

You select severity 2 if the following criteria are met:

  • A critical function of the app or API is unusable
  • A large number of users are impacted

Severity 3 - Standard

This is the default severity level. Use “Standard” if:

  • You are experiencing a minor loss of service.
  • The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality.
  • You need information, enhancement, or documentation clarification regarding the WhatsApp Business API.